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General Fanager is an independent compiler of the latest news and contract information for the National Hockey League. We reference and follow news reported by all credible major outlets, reporters and hockey sites in the industry, citing and crediting those resources on every occasion.

For its initial launch, General Fanager offers fans the ability to review current and historical contracts for all 30 NHL teams and all of their active players. General Fanager also serves consolidated information on free agents and offers a concise summary of each team’s draft picks. In upcoming updates, General Fanager will offer advanced tools for salary cap analysis and team management, including the ability to customize rosters to determine their cap compliance.

If you have noticed a mistake on General Fanager, have new contract information you’d like to point us to, or have any other inquiries, please reach out to us on Twitter @GeneralFanager or by email at

General Fanager is inspired by the incredible work of CapGeek and its founder. CapGeek was the leading source for all NHL salary and cap information until it ceased operations in January 2015. As avid users of CapGeek, we have missed the valuable information and tools it provided, and are aiming to bring that back as much as possible to the hockey community. CapGeek will always be the leader, but we hope to help in carrying on its legacy as much as possible. If you enjoy using General Fanager or previously frequented CapGeek, please consider donating to Colon Cancer Canada, the Terry Fox Foundation or the Canadian Cancer Society.

General Fanager is not affiliated with the National Hockey League or any of its teams. Use of NHL logos and trademarks on General Fanager are for educational and navigational purposes only; to allow users easier navigation and understanding of the data being presented. These logos and other trademarks held by the NHL and its member clubs are not used in any way for commercial or financial purposes and the logos remain the property of their respective owners. If you are the holder of the trademark or copyright for any of these and would like it removed from General Fanager, please contact us at