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A No-Movement Clause prohibits a team from “involuntary relocation of a player” by means such as trade, loan or waivers, or assigning that player to the minors without the player’s consent. 

Partial NTC

The NHL and NHLPA seem to have also agreed that the expansion draft is also a means of involuntary relocation. Teams must protect players with No-Movement Clauses unless the player agrees to waive the clause.

A No-Trade Clause is less restrictive, as it only places restrictions on movement via trade. A player with a No-Trade Clause cannot be traded by a team unless the player provides consent. A Partial or Modified No-Trade Clause is often less restrictive than a Full No-Trade Clause, and depends on the conditions outlined in the player’s contract. Often these are No-Trade Clauses with conditions that give the player the right to provide a list of teams to which the team can or cannot trade the player. Players that have a No-Trade Clause but not a No-Move Clause can be exposed by a team without the player waiving the clause.