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Steel Curtain – One of the Oldest Traditions in Football

The Steel Curtain was a staple of a lot of football teams during the 70s. The Steel Curtain made a run at being the most durable and toughest of all the football jerseys and uniforms. The Steel Curtain used to be worn by a lot of different football teams in the NFL, but there are only three that still wear this unique design today.

The Steel Curtain first made its debut in the year 1966, when the NFL Superbowl 2 champion Pittsburgh Steelers had to wear a steel curtain on their helmets. The Steel Curtain was essentially the team’s defensive line for the first few years, and while it had some drawbacks, it was still a very popular piece of equipment.

There were many ways that the Steel Curtain could be implemented as a team logo, and these varied widely according to what the team was playing for. Some teams used the curtain on their helmets while other teams wore them on their uniforms. Even the Steelers would sometimes wear the curtain on their helmets, but not always.

Most of the time the Steel Curtain would have some sort of logo printed on it or embroidered on it. Some teams would also use the Steel Curtain as their home jersey or practice jersey as well as their road jersey. This made it easy for the team to get a lot of different people to wear it, which was very important during the early years of football.

While the Steel Curtain did a lot for the development of football in the early part of its existence, there was also a lot of controversy with the original design. The reason why the Steel Curtain became so popular in the first place was because it was an extremely durable material that was made from metal.

Today the Steel Curtain is worn by lots of different teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, New Orleans Hornets and a few others. However, some teams still wear it as part of their team uniform and there is even a variation of this in that the team is allowed to change their logo. on the Steel Curtain each week. That is why there are so many different variations and designs of the Steel Curtain today.

A lot of people would say that the Steel Curtain is a relatively outdated piece of equipment, but as the game becomes more popular, new ideas keep cropping up with every passing year. The Steel Curtain is one of the main reasons why football has changed so much over the last few decades.

If you are looking for a great design for a team uniform, then the Steel Curtain would be a great option to try out. Just remember that the curtain isn’t something that can be seen every day of the week!

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