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How to Use the DraftKings Fantasy Sports App

Fantasy Sports

DraftKings Fantasy Sports App is available in android and iOS platform. It is an immensely useful tool for the avid fantasy football which prefers to manage their very own team on their very own devices like phones and tablets.

Start by installing the app

installing the app

You can start by downloading the app for free on your iOS and Android devices. Try to make sure that there that scoring app is different from a fantasy sports app. The former prevents you from joining contests which can allow you to start by editing your lineups and creating new accounts which is designed to provide information on the status of the contests present.

You can manually install the APK if the app is not available

If you have any trouble the android app on Google Play Store, which can be manually installed with the APK which will help you to differentiate the DraftKings webpage page. This is one of those features which is specially made to work for the Android devices. Open the setting and disable the security system, which will help you download the app safely.

Sign in with your DraftKings account

You can easily do this by typing the username and password. Also, it is important that you log out as you closing your game. This is one of the best ways to open the DraftKings app while having the right access to your account.

Manage your account status

Open the DraftsKing apps and tap on My Account, which will help you review your funds. There is an additional funds button which you can use to deposit your money to help you move forward in placing your bets.

Deposit funds to bet with

Deposit funds

DraftKings accepts payments via Paypal, visa, master card, discover and American Express. You need to sIte your default money setting which can help you add money as you go. You can also select the custom option and add a specific amount that you choose. Note that you can deposit bonuses as you earn from the DraftKings. There are 100% deposit promos for the first time players. This deposit bonus will expire in four months which can act as credit to your account.

Withdraw the winning

You can withdraw your winning from the money from your DraftKings account. If you have deposited can into your account, the account is where the DraftKings which will help you send the amount that you choose to withdraw. You can also earn everything through Paypal or the check which is mailed to you. You can deposit by $25 which will be returned through your credit card while another $50 will be sent via Paypal and check to get your winning into your account.


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